There isn't too much audio distortion with the life proof, what i usually do it open the charging door of the case when talking on speaker to allow the audio to not be so muffled. I have had the Lifeproof since it first came out and while the company had some problems in the beginning due to high demand and limited production i am still very pleased.

Let me tell you these cases are amazing. Being forgetful as i am i set my phone on the front bumper of my truck and forgot about it. Got to work to realize i didn't have my phone, so I thought for a second, then shear panic took over. Re traced my steps and found it sitting on the road. I ran over it with my 1/2 ton pickup truck and who knows how many other cars ran it over too. Picked up the phone which was faced down, expecting to see my iphone in pieces. To my surprise nothing wrong, the case didn't survive, but the phone did without a single scratch!! So was it worth the $80? You tell me!