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    Tuflite channel islands biscuit vs. Stewart fartknocker

    Ive narrowed it down to these two boards. The biscuit I can get in either 5' 7 or 5'11 and I can get the fartknocker in a 5'9. They are both 500 dollars each. I am 5' 11 and 135 lb. Im an intermediate surfer and I'm 13 year old, I heard tuflite doesn't have any flex?

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    I take it that your "art" project did not work out too well.

    These boards are awesome! Both are somewhat similar; however, I would take a second look at the 5'11" Biscuit. Sure, Tuflite may not have as much flex as poly, but the durability of Tuflite is unbelievable. Tuflite is very forgiving and you will not have to worry as much when transporting your board. Plus, you're 13 - you're growing. The 5'11" will be a better option in a few years, when you grow vertically & horizontally.

    Again, these boards are awesome; I have tried both. Tuflite or not, I would be more inclined to go with the Biscuit, even though Burton gets the check now.

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    Yeah the biscuit is online, and the fartknocker is a t my local shop

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    In that case, I would go local with the Fartknocker. Dealing with shipping, etc is a pain in the a$$ - trust me.

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    I can stand by stewart they make a great board. So does CI but they charge too damn much. ....if that helps you at all, i don't know

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    Tuflite blows! At least, in my opinion, had a 6'4" Merrick Flyer and hated it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    Tuflite blows! At least, in my opinion, had a 6'4" Merrick Flyer and hated it
    i have the 5'9" ksmall and at first it felt weird but now i love how much float it has. not really that great in bigger surf but the stiffness is awesome for small waves.

    also the fartknocker may not be the best choice if you're a beginner, and 5'9 is a little big for one of those especially if you're only 13. it sounds like a really fun small wave board but it doesn't look like it could handle anything past waist-chest high. the pro of going with the fartknocker is that you won't have to pay for shipping and your shop may throw a leash or a trac pad in for you. use your young age to your advantage!

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    I would stay away from GSI

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    I would go for the Stewart, its always better to support the local shop and you will not be disappointed with the board.

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    Why stay away from gsi? Inn going with the fartknocker because the biscuit sold out about 20 min ago.