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    As a kid I tanned every time I went outside. I got so tan I looked dirty. You could only see my teeth at night. I am south east Asian so it is natural to be tan. At 36 yrs of age I had a little spot on my collar bone area removed. Even with good tanning pigment it can happen. Now I always surf in a shirt or rubber. I also keep one of those Chapstick looking sun block sticks in my cup holder and a hat and rashgaurd or t shirt in the car.

    I have a balled friend and his wife said it best ... "put a hat on, what do you want, to get PIZZA HEAD".

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    It does what its told! It takes the survey! It takes care of the skin so I can wear it

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    I don't use commercial sunscreen. it's too toxic and has been proven to cause cancer. yes you heard it. it causes cancer. i make my own from coconut oil, beeswax, and natural zinc oxide. it's way way cheaper to. plus i juice lots of veggies and aloe, so my body has built its own natural defense. don't buy into what all these companies claim. YOUR SUNSCREEN IS TOXIC!

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    Bullfrog surfers Gel - HAS to be the one with the orange cap - it's like wearing a flannel shirt. Lasts for hours.
    Plus the spray for the back - and sad to say now, my head.

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    this topic doesn't matter much since you're on your computer and not actually out surfing. and besides melanoma is rad

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    skin cancer is no joke. i have had too many family members and friends suffer from it. investing $20 in a bottle of watermen's is the way to go... the alternative is a disaster and it will keep you out of the lineup.....

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    I prefer Will Ferrell's "Forbidden Fruit." They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.

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    If it's very hot then I use sunscreen sp 15 but rarely, you should use any good sunscreen to avoid skin damage and sun burns.

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