You know I just moved here from SC. I have been surfing for six years and I know that there is not alot of "big surf" but we do get some nice swells every once in a while. When I came to NJ I was thinking that it was like SC, just with jetties. I went out a couple of times and had alot of fun. Then about a week ago some people call me from work saiding that I need to paddle out it was huge. So I get my wetsuit and head out. I was expecting head high like they said but to me it was double to triple over head. Yea I will say I was scared and was out for two hours and did not catch I had a bad day, I let my nerves get to me. Now back at work all this talk is going on that I am full of sh*t and dont know anything. What is that about? One thing I hate is when people see someone surf for one day and then judge them.. You dont know if they are having a bad day or maybe in my case just have not been exposed to that "big" surf.......................just wanted to say to everyone that is reading this