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    tons of surf out there just have to explore the coastline a bit to find a suitable spot. tons and tons of nooks and crannies. if you have a chance to rent a vehicle make your way down to northern Oregon. Theres some outstanding pointbreaks etc etc etc and natural coves that generate some fun peaks. I lived out in northern Oregon for 3 years surfing and snowboarding. Also there is some marine activity and harbor seals always try to follow you on your paddle out to try to divert sharks to snack on you. Always keep your head up and be alert. Nice little town Seaside that has rideable waves most of the year. Also if you get a chance try to go up to Mt. Hood or somewhere in Cascades and do some summer snowboarding half the day and surf the other half. Best way to experience the Pacific Northwest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cresto4 View Post
    good on ya bra. that is some sick beta. very generous. you will be repaid in kind someday!!
    Thanks bro, mahalo. Trying to help out as much as possible without sounding like a fkn surf report. Everybody in Seattle drives 3+ hours to go there, so it's not like I'm giving away any secrets.

    Chinook has a good point also; however, I would personally not recommend Seaside unless I was given a personal invitation. The loc's at Seaside make Westport locals look tame in comparison. Make no mistake: if the waves are decent there, you WILL get vibed, HARD. Also, do not pull up in the lot closest to the Point. Pull up in the lot at the Cove instead. The loc's at the Point are easily in the Top 5 Worst In The World, and I happen to know 1 of them personally. He's a good guy, but they are protective of their spot (for good reason).

    That's all I'm gonna say about that.

    Way more sharky in Oregon. Right up there with the Red Triangle and Western Australia. But if we were all afraid of sharks, there'd be a shortage of surfers, right?

    Here's another cool link, enjoy!!!!

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    damn, thanks kidrock! haha that's pretty much what i was looking for. Yea plus ill probably stick out like a sore thumb too, really tan and extremely blonde hair. o well. hopefully i can go check out westport. the forecast looks really promising. wish i had time to go check out Oregon. i'll only be there for a week and my aunt has a bunch of stuff lined up to do anyway. Id really love to surf my brains out over there but i dont wanna piss my aunt off haha. it'll be a great experience nonetheless. thanks again kidrock. hope you score some good waves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinook View Post
    do some summer snowboarding half the day and surf the other half. Best way to experience the Pacific Northwest.
    totally agree. when conditions align: dp in the morning, strip off the rubber, skin up (sorry, i use fat tele boards) your favorite snowy peak, make some perfect sloppy corny turns, and then collapse face first into a large jar of local brew in the trailhead parking lot while your dogs curl up exhausted in the back of the truck. and the sun isn't even thinking about setting yet. life is GOOD!

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    Thanks again to kidrock for the advice. Ended up surfing in Westport this past friday and saturday. Not enough swell to hit the cove or the groins, but it was fun enough by the jetty. Knee-thigh with occasional waist, so nothing special. The winds were always on-shore, but not strong enough to make it choppy. Would've been nice to hit it with some better waves.

    TONS of beginners out there. Soft-top funboards probably made up the majority of the boards. But, everyone out in the water was SO stoked to be out there, you couldn't help but have fun. I was able to rent a 5'10 Bic fish from the Westport surf shop (nice people there too). To be sure, it's a crummy board, but I always appreciate a shop that carriers more than just beginner boards.

    If anyone else goes to westport -- there are plenty of warning signs about it, but know that they seem to be strict about traffic laws. Every time I drove through the middle of town, there was always a speed trap or two.