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    Broke my ankle and just have some questions

    Hi everyone..about 5 weeks ago I broke my ankle and fracture my fibula skateboarding..about a week after it happened I had surgery with a couple screws put in and two tightropes which is a new procedure other than pins..yesterday I got my cast off and was put in a walking boot for the next three weeks...I've been surfing for a whole and that's my main concern...I'm just wondering how long I should wait intill I get the boot off to surf? Do you think ill be able to get back in the water before November? Is the cold water going to effect my injury a lot? If anyone can give me some advice or tell me how their experience was I would gladly appreciate it

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    I broke my left fibula down by the ankle while practicing roller hockey about 20 years ago. Tore the ligaments and the other side of the ankle as well. A titanium plate and two or three screws were put in - which I still have. Had a cast then an air-pump walking cast/boot. The ligaments took longest to heal and required a fair amount of PT. I can't recall now how long it took before I was as "good as new" again. Had to take things slowly at first. I can still feel the metal when it gets cold or the ankle gets a bit constricted from a wetsuit or booties. The ortho had asked if I wanted the hardware out, but I said, "Naw, doc, leave 'em in". Didn't want another surgery.
    I'm sure you've been talking with your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist about all this. They tend to be on the cautious side, but this forum isn't the best source for expert medical advise. Can't just light up a bowl and it will go away.

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    Do what your ortho tells you. Fractured my ankle when I was young and went surfing a couple weeks sooner than what was recommended and ended back in a cast and had to wait even longer to get back into it. Being sound is better than having more issues. With any break your going to feel the cold much more. Low pressure systems also give me fits.

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    Try calf raises, leg curls, and squats brahh. From most the people i see in the gym they never do squats. they have decent (not as big as me) arms and chest but never do legs perhaps if you strength those legs you will have less ankle issues. just my thoughts

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    THE SHRED is back!!!!!

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    Thanks for all the help I'm definetly going to listen to my ortho before I get in the water again I figured the cold would definetly have a effect on the break..I go to the gym 7 days a week it wasn't that my ankle was weak its cause I was wearing ****ty shoes but thanks for the advice

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    Broke my fibula near the end of May. I did not need to have the surgery or physical therapy. Been surfing the last couple weeks with a small ankle brace on. I am still easing into it and only been riding my fish and long board. I read it can take up to 2 years to fully recover.

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    Yes. build the muscles around it as much as possible. Go slow. lots of swimming, light beach walking.