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    Surf Colleges

    Ok, I'm sure there's another thread like this on here but I couldn't find the answers I'm looking for, and everyone circumstance is different.

    So anyway, I'm trying to find the best colleges that maintain a good balance of wave quality, and academic quality. My grades are probably average, so right now University of Hawaii on Honolulu looks like the best choice for me judging by the average GPA. I would however like to look at a broader spectrum of schools.

    I'd like more information on University of Hawaii, UNCW, University of California Santa Cruz, and San Diego State if anyone on here has experience with any of those schools. I read about a bunch on here but is that really correct?

    I was also wondering if there are any good 'surf' schools in Alaska or Washington State. I would definitely be interested in spending some time in both places, but I don't know anything about the wave quality and consistency in either places or if there are any schools situated in a reasonable proximity of good surf.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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