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    ocMD Today. early entry NE!

    ocMD was firing with i swear to god head high nearly clean sets at low tide today when it called for waist high, the NE'er came a little early!

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    clean all day. who got it??

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    Oct 2009
    Yeah it was sick til someone dropped in on me and cracked my rail of my new board

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    damn. yeah it got crowded at 5pm

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    Nov 2007
    Really good today. I surfed several hours in the morning, went to work and came back at 3pm, it was still perfect. Surfed for a little over an hour then the **** hit the fan, north wind and weird chocolate chip peaks all over the place. The incoming tide and wind did seem to bump up the size.

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    awesome. did you hit up chincoteague? i've been dying to check down there at the end...on a day like today maybe...?you know what i'm sayin ;-} although so far its been a little to onshore today i would assume

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    onshore *winds* that is. damn OC is throwin out some slightly overhead walled up closeouts right now on the cam