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    Huntington Beach and Oxnard are "trash" too....but that doesn't mean that the waves are "trash". Hollywood By The Sea is almost a carbon copy of Blacks, except that you'll be paddling out with guys that look like they should be part of the Sinaloa Cartel.

    I will admit that IB can get pretty bad, but I've never gotten sick in over 20 years of surfing that place. I just don't paddle out when the water is brown. Brown water = Mexican Brown Trout

    P.S.---if you have any buddies in the military, I know of some bomb spots where you'll be surfing with just you and your buddy. Military pass is mandatory.

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    Maybe you have other reasons, but if you're going to fly that far, why wouldn't you go to central america (probably not that much more expensive), or just go to puerto rico?

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    My two cents:

    1. Whoever is telling you to stay at hotel circle is a quack. Its like 3 miles inland. Im sorry, but if I'm going on vacation, I'm staying ocean front...

    Get a spot in PB/MB and you will have a blast. even if the waves aren't great.

    As for surf, we should be getting winter swells around then. GO TO BLACKS EVERYDAY. Check the reefs in la jolla once and a while. I really like hospitals. Shallow short left. Windan gets so crowded with the ****head locals. and you must surf the cliffs.