Hey guys! just thought I would say hi. I just moved here from upstate ny a little over a week ago, and have been enjoying the beach almost every other day. I have realized that summer is usually pretty flat, but man last friday was something else. I was at Las Olas and in shoulder deep water waves were coming 3-4 feet over my head. I think I body surfed for 3+ hours while running in for water. When does the surf start picking up for fall/winter? when it does will it be the same as what I saw friday or even better?

when I was young I grew up in Los Angeles so I saw some pretty big stuff. Even then all I didnt was bodyboard or bodysurf. I might try surfing here if the waves look like it will be fun. I would probably get tired of jumping on a board, riding 20-30 yards and the ride being over.

Also what is some good gear to bring for all day stays? I just bought a clamshell tent that completely closes off if I need privacy/rest. Big enough to fir 3 people and only 24.99$ on walmarts website. Cant wait to use that thing, if I have some shade I would be comfortable staying a lot longer.