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    Gene, You Rock!

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    I remember the name Surreal G from one of these forums... Localswell did get pretty stupid, its trying to make a comeback, but pretty dead in there. Do any epoxy? or vacuum bagging type stuff?

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    any of you guys pick up on those member reviews were people with 1 post lol. someone had numerous accounts and fluffed up that company

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    I used to have an account on an old email which i cant remember the user name for. but had to jump into support a company i feel strongly about. Conspiracy theories and negativity give forums a bad wrap.

    Stay Frosty my friends

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    I am happy that some of the guys I pointed to the post signed up sand responded. Props to friends and customers. As for super fish..with 958 posts in 4 years...239.5 post per year....nearly 1 post per evey two got to much time on your hands. Im working to much to set up multiple accounts to praise myself.And if you happen to be an administrator, In that case. "We are Legion".
    To exit 98. I used to frequent squan often but have found myself in girt and deal lately. Bayhead has unfortunaly been decimated by replenishment.
    Epoxy no, bagging, no.
    I have always been a poly rider. I enjoy the flex and feel. EPS has always turned me off so when I learned I stuck with poly. Also the demand for epoxy is minimal. There have always been arguments with the durability of epoxy but I rarely hear actual studies done on impact strength. Although epoxy is far stronger, it is also stiffer. When in the washing machine the flex of the poly may be benificial. I compare it to when you fall in a heavy wave. Be loose, let the wave do what it wants...dont fight it. If you stiffen up, you can easily break something. Honestly the choice is personal. Some like one more than the other for whatever reason.
    Bagging...don't really have the room or time to play with it. Read up on it when I started out...thinking I could get better results but I stuck with the free lapping. I would use the VB methods if I needed to get good results from inexperienced people. I am anal when it comes to my most glassers I guess.
    Anyway, need to go to bed. Hitting Girt in the AM.

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    I've been checking out this site for the last year but I don't usually post anything in the forums; don't really have time or care that much to post. I'm also probably one of the few surfers who lives in north Jersey on this site so being that his shop is close to where I live, I've had the opportunity to stop in and chat with Gene a bit. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. All I know is I've been surfing over half my life; rode lots of boards. Essence Surf...for the price and quality...hands down some of the best stuff.

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    Bought a used 6'0 quad for 115.. Great board and great condition for the price

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    I think it's funny that we never hear of anybody having bad experiences with shapers, only HE HAS THE BEST STUFF! HA