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    4sale Volcom 1mm Vest

    Volcom 1mm vest is perfect for summer. Keeps the chill off without the chaffing of a long sleeve top. Size is XL. I wore it just a few times, and always rinsed and hung to dry. Retail is $50-$70, I am asking $30.

    Also for sale:

    XCEL SLX 2mm short sleeve fullsuit size large short. Also word just a few times, paid $130 asking $95.

    Futures Salty 9.25" Bamboo longboard fin. Used 2 times. Asking $45
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    what size is the short full

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    sorry, its a large short. wouldnt fit you 2tall!

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    no interest in the vest? these are tough to find..

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    Xcel SS 2mm and bamboo fin SOLD. Vest still available.