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    Aloha Future Flex 6'6 (Swellinfo Discount)

    Board for sale:

    $400 for swell info members

    Board can be picked up in Montauk or NYC

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    board looks good right in my wheel house im pretty fat

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    Bro how come you got a jersey area code and put up location as Upper west side when it's clearly Harlem? Morning side, excuse me. I ain't trying to get robbed. I'm a peaceful dude that just watched "Get Hard" once.
    Can be picked up in MTK or NYC? That's a bit of a stretch, you drive around with it?

    Meet me in prospect park after dark today. I'll be there for a concert anyhow.

    What's the volume on that bad boy though?
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    lol. O Towelie

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    Not sure on the volume - I'd say around 40 Liters maybe little more.

    I work in MTK and take classes at Columbia so I'm back and forth a lot.

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