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Thread: blown forecast

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    dude, Micah, way to be off on the forecast for august 17th. i can already tell its wrong

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    Hopely it is not going to be as bad as yesterday but their calling for 6 ft at 7 seconds in wildwood. Now the question is it going to be glassy and amazing ( haha b.s.) or crappy dumping slop ( now thats more understandable)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shark-hunter View Post
    All the excitement all week long just to see a damn w in front of the sw on the buoy. Let down! Hopefully it's just that westerly current and it will in tommorw
    I really wish that you hadn't been right...

  4. My god, why you gotta make rhody look bad. Not only are you whining before the swell even fills is, you clearly have no idea what tides are. Rhode Island spots, from what I have found, are super detrimental with the tides. One spot will be flat while one just down the street is chest high, keep your eye on it and start driving, and check different tides.

    Even better idea, dont look at the forecast, just go check it yourself.

  5. oh and I checked matunuck at about 12pm yesterday when the wind was picking up, easily thigh to waist high with the tide filling in. Green Hill was flat and thats about 3 miles down the road.

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    Ya, the south exposures like Matanuck are going to pick these swells up much more then the tucked away areas in Naragansett and such. Its a little tricky to have one forecast region for the diverse geography in RI, but the 2 different forecasts for East and South facing beaches are hopefully helpful.

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    hate to chime in, but... knee high. the swell direction is straight south. watched those waves head straight north. Fifty people in the water this am tho tearing up some knee high junk. maybe they still think this is a chest high wave. ha.

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    flat flat flat flat. at least i got up early to start my day!

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    swell direction is SW. the little short period swell that there is is moving AWAY from east facing beaches. i've learned my lesson about these swells - do not get remotely excited for them. unless you're somewhere south facing, you're going to get skunked.
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