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Thanks for the responses guys. The spot is heavy and shallow. Hockey helmet does repel water better. However, the chin strap is a pretty weak snap type. Looking into an alternative strap but honestly my skate helmet is more comfortable and has a sturdier strap. I could imagine showing photos of myself surfing with a hockey helmet and getting a lot of laughs from my hockey buddies. Ha!

I talked to a surfer friend of mine who used to be a semi-pro wakeboarder and he suffered a head injury once and wears one all the time.

Honestly, I am stoked for my trip and don't give a crap what I look like. Never hurts to be prepared. If I get some sick photos with a helmet on I'll share them here. Plus then I can show them to Mom without her having an anxiety attack! haha
Don't worry about it then. Who gives a ****? I wore a helmet when growing up in Kauai. A lot of people wear them now. Shallow reefs are unforgiving.