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Thread: iphone cases

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    iphone cases

    Otterbox defender series or lifeproof case.. what is better?

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    I actually JUST got the Otter Box 2 days ago. This thing is a beast. Seems extremely durable. I never have tried the water proof one, but I can vouge for the Otter Box. My phone seems somewhat indestructable. Also I noticed at your local Verizon store they are $50+ or so, but when ordering online, lets say Amazon (which is what i did), it is significantly cheaper.


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    lifeproof for water, and otterbox if you really throw your phone around

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    I just bought the ?tt=ml&ti=127017&pw=55899" target="_blank">LifeProof iPhone Case... I'd say its golden if you want to take your phone on a boat, jet ski, etc... I like the case, its pretty light weight. And, I like that I don't have to worry about getting sand in my phone when I"m on the beach.

    Here are the downsides I've found:
    - When you are in speaker mode, the sound vibrates a bit and can be a bit annoying (not too bad).
    - You can't really take the phone in and out of the case very easily.
    - Regular iPhone chargers work fine, but some of the non iPhone brand bigger connectors don't fit with the LifeProof case.

    I'm happy with mine.
    PS. If you decide to buy a LifeProof, and want to support Swellinfo, you can use our affiliate link and we get a small percentage of the sale
    ?tt=ml&ti=127017&pw=55899" target="_blank">

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