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Thread: Costa Trip Info

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    Costa Trip Info

    Heading down to Hermosa for a 5-day quick hit next week without families. Long range forecast shows 6-9 at 16sec. Ive surfed Hermosa a couple overhead but don't think it will hold size like that. Will Jaco hold up and can anyone recommend someplace not more than a couple hours travel? Thanks

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    I personally think hermosa can hold that size but that's just me.

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    Can you handle that at Hermosa? Remember take the extra paddles down the face. Dont get caught inside. Watch out for the sneaker set. Being a goofy foot I would be at Boca Borranca, during the week. Surfs Up!

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    Hopefully where there is swell
    I agree with Bum and Coach that it should handle it . Expect big and thumpy if the forecast holds. Options are the Point and Pig Farm. Have fun.

  5. Jaco will be closed out as I have been there at this size. Coach was right, if i was goofy I would be at Boca Borranca, and stay right at the resort

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    Jaoco and Hermosa will be closed out head to Pavones!!! Seriously I have been there on smaller swells and Hermosa is closed out the points and reefs will be your only chance to score some epic surf.

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    As others have said check out Barranca area. Also may want to check Manuel Antonio, not as widely sought out for surf but can be super fun and punchy with some fun double ups. While you are down there you can probably see some pretty cool wildlife (sloths, monkeys, etc.).

    Both about an hour from Hermosa. Definitely solid swell Friday through Sunday. Explore and Enjoy!!

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    Take the jet boat from Jaco to Montezuma, and then go to playa carmen or Santa Theresa.

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    Just got back from a 3 week trip from there. I have a condo in Jaco. NO JACO IS NOT THE PLACE. When its big Hermosa will hold the swell but its no joke and only the most experienced locals will be out. You can head to the next beach south of Hermosa. It's called Esterllios and it is a MUCH MUCH easier wave than Hermosa. There is a Rock reef and all kinds of spots up and down the beach. You can also head north 45 minutes up the highway 34 towards Puntarenas. Boca Barranca is a river mouth wave that NEEDS A BIG SOUTH swell to work. You can catch rides up to 700 yards here. IF you goto Boca, as soon as you cross the bridge over the river, take your first left and follow the gravel road to the river. At the end of the road there is a house. The local's name is SINGUINDO. He lives right at the mouth of the river. For a few colones, he will let you park your car under is house behind a fence. He is a great. old, cool local who will watch your car and let you use his outdoor showers to rinse off. If you goto Esterillos, just find a place on the beach to park and find yourself a peak. If you need any other info, let me know. I've been travelling here for the last 10 years.

    Pura Vida Bro


    we are a private resort 10 min south of Hermosa in Esterillos - any interest/questions please msg or email me.