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    Boards For Sale

    I have a bunch of boards for sale that I don't ride as much as would like to. The idea is that I'm going to sell all of these boards and have two boards custom made to fill their spots, so all the funds from the sales goes towards that. I'll be down in the Bethany beach area this weekend, and could possibly take a trip to Jersey next weekend if there are interested buyers that direction.

    Unfortunately, I only took pictures and didn't take measurements... not sure of the length on a few of them.

    Perfection 7'0" funshape Got this board about 7 years ago, nose was broken once by me, and another time by a friend. The crack on the bottom, I'm not really sure how that came about, it was just discoloration at first, then got worse so I put some fiberglass over it. This was my goto board in the crowded summer days and we have had some good long summer days together. Asking $100 bucks, $25 more for the fins

    Sugar Mills Biscuit 5'6" -5'8" not sure of the size, but this is a small board. Thin narrow, but fun. I've only ridden it once, but it caught the waves even with me weighing 180lbs. Got this board from Matt up in Lewes. Top is pressure dented, but no issues other than that. I got it for $150, and trying to sell it for $150. It looked good on my wall and I caught a handful of waves with it.

    Sold -
    7' Kam Lung Yes, this is a board with a sandal company logo on it. Someone won a contest in Dominical Costa rica and traded this board in. I paid 400 for it brand new in Dominical, rode it at Matapalo, hermosa, nosara, etc and it was perfect. It's sort of a skinny funshape, but it catches hurricane swell pretty well. I'm actually having a custom made similar to this board because I like it so much. It doesn't have a shaper name on it, but I was assured it was hand made in costa rica. No proof of that though. My roommate might buy it from me, so not sure if its really for sale. Looking to get $275 for this one. I trade the fins between this one and the perfection, so again, $25 more for the fins.

    Sold -
    5'6" "Jelly Bean" Matt in Lewes made this board, third board he ever made, or at least put a number on. I use this board for surfing behind my boat, and its really fun. Too small for me to actually enjoy surfing on, but again because I'm 180. Bought this from Matt, paid $150, hoping to get $150 for only taking it about about 5 times, always behind the boat.

    BROKEN and traded in haha
    5'11" (might be as small as 5'9") canyon retro fish. I bought this board at Kcoast before I knew anything about popout boards from china. I really like the shape of this board, but want a more quality version of this, so I'm having a custom one made, but probably in a quad or something. Comes with two fins. This thing really floats well. I catch waves all day long with it, sometimes sit outside with the longboarders. Its been pretty good to me except for a few pressure dents at the nose, and the fins pushed into the fiber glass and I repaired that. I need to sand the repairs to make them a bit more visually appealing, but it works. Would like to get $225 out of this one.

    I have a couple old leashes that i could throw in with any of these deals if you pay the full price. I think they are reasonable prices so I'm not going to bargin much on any of them. These will be on craigslist shortly also. Thanks!Canyon1.jpgCanyon2.jpgCosta Rica 1.jpgMatt 1.jpgMatt2.jpg
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