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Thread: Travel in CR

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    Travel in CR

    The wife and I are going to CR in November for our third trip down, we usually stay in Mal Pais, the issue is that we want to take boards with us and we cant seem to find a shuttle that will allow boards, well at least one over 7ft. We usually take interbus, but they dont allow surfboards... any advice? Thanks

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    Rent a board, should cost the same or less than transport does, usually about $15/day or so.

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    I was in Jaco in April and rented a $15/day board. It was from a Brazilian shaper and was definitely as good or better than my current board. I wasn't disappointed in the least and had about 40-50 to choose from that you could swap out during the week if need be.

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    man up. rent a vehicle.

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    If you rent boards, bring your own strings & your own leashes.

    The rental gear is all too often worn out & on the verge of failure. And when the leash or string snaps, guess what, you're paying for the board as it crashes on the rocks. Not to mention you get what can be a gnarly, lengthy swim in. I speak from experience.

    Bring your own string / leash.