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    Shaping a board, definitely happening this time

    Ok guys I was broke and then my neighbors dog ran away and they put out stuff and it was a 500 dollar reward and I found the dog and returned so i got some money and I have decided it to use it to shape my own stick.

    I am going to greenlight tomorrow or thursday,

    What tools do I need?

    I want to shape a single fin shortboard that's around 20 inches wide but the kit comes with a thruster glass on set up and I was gonna get the uv cure resin so I don't have mix and worry about time, should I do the kit and regular resin for the first time or can I go the other way?

    I want to do something like the polder hull design, look it up it's pretty neat

    Will it be to hard?

    He has a patent on it. Can I still make it?

    Thanks guys
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