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    I was in Biarritz earlier this year.
    Quite an interesting town - its a very upper class town but still focused on surfing.
    The girls are hotter in Spain though

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    Yes... October in the Basque part of France is good for surf, and the water's still warm enough for a 3/2, or even a springer if it's a really nice day. But... it's also fairly wet that time of year. You'll likely get some rain. Food and wine, of course, is some of the best in the world. If you speak ANY French at all, use it. They'll respect that, and might even refrain from talking about you or insulting you thinking you might understand what they're saying. But maybe not... they might just do that anyway. Take the train to get out of town, (consider Paris for a night or two when it's flat - amazing) but do plenty of walking. Avoid the buses if you can. They suck. And taxis are expensive and most will try to rip you off if they can. The surf is solid, and the places are beautiful. Oh... and many of the beaches are topless!
    I appreciate the info from you guys. The stories are cool, too. I'll report back after my trip.
    Thanks again.