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I have only been surfing on the east coast for about a year. Was in Kauai and Los Angeles. Anyway=what is the advantage to surfing near a man made jetty? How does it effect the wave? I don't think a little pile of rocks will make a difference. The owner of the local shop thinks it makes a huge difference though.

What's the point of SUP on the east coast? Are there rolly waves or is it just a yuppy sport?

Why are the lifeguards so nuts?

Why don't surf lessons teach ocean etiquette first, and lessons second? It seems that no one on the east coast knows about etiquette and safety

More questions to come.
1. I don't think I need to expand on the jetty answers as others have sufficiently answered it.

2. SUPing is awesome! I mean, I'm a surfer true and true but I tried SUPing about a month ago after a few years of scoffing it. As mentioned, it is fun because you can catch the smallest of waves. Additionally, I enjoy paddling out about a quarter of a mile or so and sitting on the board meditating. Very peaceful. Finally, if it's flat, at least you can still be in the water. I suggest trying it if you haven't done so.

3. Lifeguards are just like anyone else. Some nuts, some normal. The ones that surf are usually pretty decent though.

4. As an instructor for the AC Surf School, we spend about a half hour on the beach explaining ocean safety and surfing etiquette. I think it's why we do so well. People appreciate the knowledge and not just being thrown in the water. Why other schools don't teach these things is beyond me. They just churn out kooks that either get in the way or injure themselves and others. It's a shame really.