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    Quote Originally Posted by brek View Post
    I tried out an SUP for the first time recently. Definitely had fun on it. Was at a beach where the waves only broke on the sand bar at low tide and turned into shore break at high. With an SUP, was able to ride the high tide bumps over the bar without them ever breaking.

    Balance wasn't much of an issue, but paddling and getting into position on a wave was much more challenging than I would have thought.

    I enjoyed just paddling up and down an empty beach and riding in bumps as they came. Pretty mellow experience.
    I love the perspective you get on the water and everything in the water while standing, I can see all the way to the bottom in pretty deep water normally. Lots of fun stuff swimming around people and they have no idea

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    [QUOTE=dlrouen;134497]I hope everyone who keeps bashing SUP has actually tried it. I have not had the chance to try it, but I am going to give it a shot before I share my thoughts; positive or negative. I feel like SUP does not get the credit it deserves, as people are so quick to dog it to "fit in" with your cool and tough buddies.

    I know some smarta$$ is going to "reply with quote" and say "I hate SUPs because they get in my *way* and they say that I'm softer than my soft top, etc." Every SUP, like every surfer, controls their own actions - not all SUP'ers are going to get in your way and so forth.

    Nice post. I picked up surfing later in life (mid 40's). Learned on my own, made mistakes, picked up etiquette, surfed through winter, etc. Back and neck issues so I bought SUP this year to surf. It is great for small to mid size waves (which is mostly what we get out East), and you can still go out when it is flat. The biggest thing about SUP is that I am not a wave hog and pick my spots. I have seen other SUPers that try and catch every wave, and is annoying (same with longboarders that try and catch every wave).

    The whole SUP vs surfer thing is kind of funny. It reminds me of the ski/snow board conflicts when they first came out. It's a big ocean, and as long as we all try to use some common sense, it should work out.

    BTW - I had a surfer paddle out into the line up and proceed to immediately drop in on me in two consecutive waves, so it goes both ways.

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    I don't mind SUP. I have an SUP over here . I live on a bay and use it to cruise to the beach. Sometimes I tie my board to the SUP as I cruise over the bay.

    Maybe my complaints are all based on the summer lineup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    I love the perspective you get on the water and everything in the water while standing, I can see all the way to the bottom in pretty deep water normally. Lots of fun stuff swimming around people and they have no idea
    Right!? I was paddling around the flats a couple years ago down in the lower keys, and it was so cool... sharks EVERYWHERE... different kinds, too... bonefish, barracuda, maybe some tarpon... not sure.... I could do that all day... paddled out to a patch reef a few miles out and did some free diving. So cool...

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    SUP for fishing, lessons for yups, waves break off jetty creating a wave direction (left or right) peace motha

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    I can say from personal experience you won't regret getting one if you do decide to give it a shot. I suggest renting a couple times if you aren't 100% sure about making that investment. I find most people don't "get it" but I certainly do, and after almost 17 years of surfing prone the SUP is a nice change of pace for days like you describe, but also in the surf when you are good enough to paddle out without looking like a danger to those around you. I don't use it as my primary mode of catching waves, but occassionally I giver her a go and it's fun. Most often i'm on my McTavish or WRV Fish, it's just good to have options, especially with inconsistent surf conditions and flat spells. It's actually what got me back in shape and motivated to get better prone surfing, which I have exponentially since i've gotten the SUP a little over a year ago. Go for it dude...
    Off topic: which McTavish do you ride? My buddy found a great deal on a used 8'6" in perfect condition, then a few years later happened upon a 6'6" egg. Both boards are really fun, I steal them every chance I get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meatloaf View Post
    SUP for fishing, lessons for yups, waves break off jetty creating a wave direction (left or right) peace motha
    Was this supposed to be coherent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by surftb15 View Post
    I have only been surfing on the east coast for about a year. Was in Kauai and Los Angeles. Anyway=what is the advantage to surfing near a man made jetty? How does it effect the wave? I don't think a little pile of rocks will make a difference. The owner of the local shop thinks it makes a huge difference though.

    What's the point of SUP on the east coast? Are there rolly waves or is it just a yuppy sport?

    Why are the lifeguards so nuts?

    Why don't surf lessons teach ocean etiquette first, and lessons second? It seems that no one on the east coast knows about etiquette and safety

    More questions to come.
    did you live in kauai and LA or are you saying you took trips there? idk how someone who used to surf kauai and southern california would not understand the way a jetty works

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    One of these days, I am going to rent one to see what the rage is about. I like the idea and they look cool, but before I drop the dime, I want to make sure that it's worth it (should be). As I said, I think a SUP would be awesome to float around the river or take it out on a flat day. I will keep you posted, as you are the master SUP'er on this forum.
    Tried it down in Hilton Head a year ago. It's sort of cool. To be honest, it's way more work than regular surfing. You pretty much have to paddle constantly to keep your forward momentum going so that you can stand up.

    I guess one of the perks of surfing to me is cooling off in the ocean on a hot summer day. I wasn't a huge fan of not being in the water and pouring sweat. If I were to do it again, I'd pick a lot cooler day...

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    SUPers, Longboarders, short boarders, groms, boogies boarders - don't we all have compliants about each of the groups. Longboarders complain about SUPs, short boarders complain about long boards, etc, etc. We have all been snaked and all have been dropped in on and we have all had to share waves - even if not technically dropped in on. I'm sure we have all done it to others too - whether intentional or not. End of the day, it all comes down to etiquette.

    Some SUPers at my break will ride the bump and leave the break to the surfers, tell someone to come in with them and sometimes signal when a set it coming in. I've waived guys into waves with me, tell someone else to keep paddling when I don't think I'm going to catch it so someone grabs the wave. I won't snake but have dropped in - either not seeing the guy other guy, thinking he was going the other way or because I was far enough ahead to not get in his way. I will pull out the wave if I think I messed up and will always apologize.

    Surfing is soulful - I don't want to go surf with bad vibes in the water - I surf to feel the stoke. And a little thoughtfulness goes a long way to keep the vibe good.

    Slow wide turns dude.....