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    columbia SC, and i go to holden beach NC alot

    people to meet up with and surf this weekend

    hi ,

    im basically just wanting to know if anyone wants to meetup and go surfing one of the days this weekend. i live in columbia SC and was thinking of going to pawleys island or folly beach saturday or sunday. i cant find anyone to go with but it has been a month since i have been surfing so i really want to get out there, but dont want to go by myself. so i was wondering if anyone would want to meet up and split gas to one of those places, or if anyone would want to meet up down there and surf together. im not that great at surfing i ride a long board, and can just basically turn back and forth. however i do have a blast everytime i go surfing and most people that i go with have a pretty good time as well. basically just needing to meet new surfing buddies.

    let me know if you are interested

    Thanks AJ

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    I'm sure if you just go there will be others in the water, no? Be friendly and don't drop in and you'll be good. But yeah surfing with no one else in the water can be sketchy.... But that usually only happens in the winter for me.

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    Im always the first one in the water whenever the waves are any good. It can be sketchy in the dark of the dawn. Sometimes.