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    Thanks a lot!

    Thanks a lot! Anyway I can help let me know!

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    These are gorgeous, I'm totally inspired man. I'm going to make one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xylem Surfboards View Post
    P.S. To the guy that said alaias need better waves: If your alaia doesn't work in less than ideal waves, you likely made it wrong. It should work in just about whatever waves the ocean can throw at us. I don't mean to come accross like a jerk, but poorly designed surfboards just don't work right in any surf. Its gotta be right. Right?
    I've never shaped an alaia, but have made some boards, and I have definately made some that worked well in certain conditions and not as well in other conditions. In fact I would say that applies to most of the boards I've shaped myself or ridden. Maybe i made them wrong, or ride them wrong. If alaias work in whatever waves the ocean can throw at us, then that's one versatile board.