I was called by the Local Newspaper, and asked about why there might be an increase in surfing accidents this summer in Delaware. Apparently there have been much more then normal, as reported by the hospital.

I told them that there was nothing abnormal about the wave action this summer, but I thought that the beach replenishments might be responsible. (I'm sure the towns would be glad to hear me say that - sarcasm). I described how the replenishment destroys the sandbars and make for more shorebreak type waves that are more conducive for injuries. I based this on zero research on injury data, but I think its clear to most surfers when they see the before and after effects of replenishment on the sandbars.

Firstly, I wasn't aware there were more surfing injuries this year. Have other Delaware surfers seen this? Also, do you agree with my suggestion that the replenishments may be at fault?