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    Quote Originally Posted by OCLocal1219 View Post
    You all have to take into consideration what he is gathering his information from. I live in Bethany Beach and Dr. Cowan is getting the lifeguards (or at Rehoboth, the 1st aid guys) to measure the slope of the beach at low tide, and the number of swimmers in the water. As he said in his article, it is like a light switch.....once minute we will have no calls, then all the sudden we have 5 traumatic injury at the same time.

    As far as the beach replenishment goes....yes, it does suck that they screw the swell up when they do it, but if we didn't have a beach then some of us wouldn't have a job....which then I guess we could live off Obama Care or his 99 weeks of unemployement......

    It has got to the point now where it's not even worth driving anywhere to find a swell because when you do, there is 1,000 people in the line up and there all being wave now a days have got worse then when I grew use to be about enjoying the ocean and riding a wave, no matter how many people were on it....and you would pull back and let someone else get a wave.....and now, the "younger" generation wants to get into a paddle battle with you on every wave....only place I enjoy going anymore is Assateague with the log and riding like the old actually get respect out there.
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    the problem is that nowadays, people don't know how to think for themselves, so unless there's a "study" by doctors and scientists, there is no real explanation so it must be some sort of freak phenomenon!

    anyone with half a brain and the ability to think logically can look and see that pushing the beach out deeper into the ocean is going to a create a dropoff, thus forcing the waves to break directly into the sand rather than onto a sandbar. instead, the people writing these articles just think "hurr durr people tell da stories but dere aren't any science to prove dem!". it really pisses me off that it's become so obvious as to why there are so many injuries (all of them being on replenished beaches) yet no one will do anything about it because there aren't any studies proving it!

    the lifeguard officials where i am warned that replenishing brant beach would create a cluster**** of injuries, but nevertheless, at the start of the summer everyone walked up to the beach to find a giant desert of sand dropping off into 12 feet of water. LBTBP actually only has experienced lifeguards and those who are also trained EMTs stationed on the beaches there because they know it's the most dangerous place for tourists to swim.

    i recently read in a local paper, that from the right vantage point you can see brant beach is now basically empty, while the beaches in ship bottom (which hasn't been replenished) are full because everyone's going there instead...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    The first 15 seconds of this video is way better
    Brahahahaha! Brahahhahahaha! Brahahahahaha!

    Watch it one more time and........still.......brahahahahahaha! Nice share.