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    Film some Surfing in Poipu, Kaui

    Hi there,

    I am coming to Hawaii soon and being an avid filmed I would like to film some surfing. I don't really know anybody so if anybody is interested in letting me film them surfing that would be awesome. I will be in Hawaii from the 10th to the 18th this month.

    Nielsen Guy

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    NO waves in august.

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    go to NaPali hike for good filmaking or west side of Kauai for dramatic scenery. Poipu surf in August..worst surf all year.

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    What about surfing if you hike out on the NaPali trail to a beach still not good surfing during August!

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    No, sorry. No waves in Hanalei area or Poipu. August is the worst month for waves in my hometown. I love Kauai, but August is no bueno. It starts to pick up in October and the season runs through March.

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    Kekaha Beach Park
    Does this still have good swells during August!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nails3631 View Post
    Kekaha Beach Park
    Does this still have good swells during August!
    Kekaha is an awesome beach, but no surf now.

    Just check here

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    If you want things to film:

    Queens Bath, Napali, Tunnels snorkeling, Hanalei town, Kekaha beach, etc.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    No problem. Generally speaking, August is the worst months for waves in Kauai. The surf starts to pick up at the end of September. There is still a lot to see and do though.

    Queens Bath is good and not dangerous like it is during the winter
    Secret Beach has some lava pools that are good to see.
    Napali coast hikes. Do the all day one where you can swim to the waterfall.
    Snorkeling in Tunnels is awesome. Same place where B.Hamilton lost her arm.
    Hanalei town is a nice place to walk around and film. Great place. Shaved ice is good.
    Kekeaha beach on the west side of Kauai is beautiful.
    on the west side of Kauai, you can also see the Waimea Canyon.
    Secret Falls via SUP or Kayak. can get crowded with tourists though.
    Jurassic Park falls if you go on a helicopter tour.

    theres more but thats a start.

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