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    ha lol. oh man

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    Cripes...this thread is worthless.

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    no excuses, just some remorse,.. just a little..Not as serious as some may have made it out to, cheese a superbowl and the internet, a hot temper and some critical views.

    It is a forum.....just get it out, so when and if you meet me on the beach, and you actually talk to me, you realize that i put others before myself, and I understand/know the meaning of Aloha.

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    Truly classic. . .

    A Hawaiian Haole.

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    I am sure you would know...The sad part is that no one even mentioned your screen name, at least not me. It was assumed that you were the point of the topic, by someone else.

    How many pictures are posted on this site now? Do you know? You are not the only one, or maybe you think you are? I can play along just like anyone else can. From what I gathered, you assumed my post was entirely directed at you, and that may be giving yourself to much credit.

    Look, talking trash on the internet by any of us can be both a good and bad thing, depending on how far people allow it to go. I for one rarely allow myself to hold a grudge, especially over very stupid stuff. And I will freely admit that I have started my share of topics over stupid stuff.

    But it is a vent, no more and no less, just as much as I would hope that,.. others replies are as well. However, there are some that do harbor ill will towards others for no other reason then that is who they are truly as a person. But that is not me or who I am as an individual, regardless of what you may think or how you view some of my posts.

    And at the same time, how many of us can claim that you/we are not the pot calling the kettle black?

    I have had a few run-ins with some of the better local surfers over the years in the water. You know, i did not see them or they did not see me,.. that type of crap that happens once in awhile when the surf is good but the breaks are tight. But people get over that ****, and never, not once, have I ever allowed myself to be so shallow to not post there picture. And I can tell you that I have had a few encounters, and words said, that most would have deleted every thing they had of them, just out of spite. But that is not who I am. And I never will be. So say what you want, think what you want,..all I know is that it all comes back around. And so far I have been nothing but blessed for my efforts over the years, by giving of myself for others enjoyment and posterity. Because it is not about me, and it is not about you, it is about us and what we do to seek moments of peace in our world.

    So before you cast that stone, know for a fact that I have already thrown mine, and it has already came back at me. My most sincere apologies to those of you who may have felt slighted by this tread.

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    Aguaholic is the smartest person here.