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    FS: Channel Islands Proton $320

    6'1\" x 18 5/8\"x 2 3/8\" Channel Islands Double Helix Proton Surfboard. $320....The board is in great dings just some minor pressures on the deck. I am 5'11 and 170+-lbs...board worked great when I had it out, but looking to put some money on another board. PM me if interested...<br /><br />

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    Bump bump...!

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    its going to be waist high this weekend...get a new shred stick!!! Bump bump...

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    Lowering the price and bumping this thread up!!!

    $295 me if interested!

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    how did you like the double helix construction?

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    Liked it, but I have been using parabolic boards for a year and half and stringered boards feel odd to me at this point. The only real time I notice a true difference is when I drive hard through turns...pops a bit more. Additionally, I'm a huge epoxy fan...