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    actually throw up. i have done it, throw up in ur trash can so others see. stick ur finger down ur throat then make a scene in the hallway, for extra proof maybe a little on urself lol, they have to send u home!

    hell yeah i have done that a few times....for added effect try to get your eyes all watery from vomiting. it makes you look like hell on earth. nothing wrong with making yourself throw up to get done early

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    see it does work!! tom good job i thought i was the only one who as actually gone through with it!!! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by chadbrochill93 View Post
    this is genius

    but i bet milk or chocalate milk would work better.......or red gatorade
    Milk, thats a good idea. It will give it the smell and the color. Somebody try this its a great idea.

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    for the scent on the chips excuse use milk and salt and vinegar chips probably would sour the milk and smell gross
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