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The answer is this...they are dredging Rudee Inlet. That pipe sticking out of the sand at 7th street is where it comes out. Super disgusting. The dopest part about the Jetty is that it holds it in there! I spent Tuesday evening down there getting snipped by crabs along with everyone else. The flounder were on top of the water like crazy. Heck, I had dolphins on the inside so to speak (like we've got an outer reef haha). Honestly, I have never seen it this bad in at least a while. All of that nasty run-off from the rains we've seen lately end up in Rudee (notice all of those rusted, busted pipes from the storm drain where everyone fishes). VA Beach is for sewer surfing (at least for the time being)!
I didn't see any dolphins out yesterday morning but I did see 4 or 5 baby flounder washed up on the beach when I came in. That and my shorts and rashgaurd stunk like rotteness after sitting in the bed of my truck at work all day.

Awesome, can't wait for the symptoms to start showing up.