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    electric skateboard helps on flat spells

    just got an emad 600 electric skateboard, i feel like im carving concrete its awesome. if your looking to pass days of flatspells i suggest u buy one, it took me a while to save up but i got my fix. its like riding a 45 min wave whenever and where ever u want.0808122022.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    how much was it?
    it was $459

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    DOPE. how do the trucks/wheels combination work feel? bushings?

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    Aww man to each his own....but whatever happened to just bombing some hills? Is that not fun anymore? For just a little more $ you could go buy a brand new stick. Not trying to hate, but this thing ires me just as much as the wavejet...

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    you live on LBI, there are no hills... and holding on to cars is dangerous