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ND-Hypto is a 5'6"x19 3/4"x2 5/8" (I believe). Super fun board and versatile. I think it could easily run head high plus with that tail. I use it in mushy knee to waist+ or when I'm feeling lazy--it has a ton of potential though...it rolls at the jetty as well. Simply a fun versatile board. I've tried a ton of fins in the board an have been really happy with the machados. Flex but a lot of spring....btw I'm 5'11" @ 170lbs and float fine on this board (can't remember but I believe it's around 28 liters). Probably could have dropped to the 5'4" but I'm not that ambitious).

SN-thanks man...
alright cool, now my next question would be which board do you use in bigger conditions?