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Honestly since I got the Transformer II I haven't hadly used any of the others. It floats better since none of the others are EPS. It gets into waves easier with the width and volume forward. I took it to PR for Easter this year. It was 2-4 ft overhead when I got there and it handled it great! When the swell subsided I switched it to quad and hit wilderness for a few days. The thing is my magic carpet ride for sure. On a side note we stayed at Fisheye overlooking Marias and it was awesome. They have a pool where you can watch the surf and it keeps the family happy. You just walk down the hill and hit it brah. I took these from the pool deck and of course the only pics my wife got were from small Wildo.
Nice pics dude, i'll be there late October, can't wait! I'm staying in the Puntas area so I was thinking of hitting up Maria's, Domes, and Sandy Beach, but any recommendations for a 1st timer to PR with no reef experience would be appreciated. I've heard Domes and Maria's can be forgiving on a small - medium swell, but idk, Sandy's i've heard you gotta hit at sunrise and by 10 it's blown out... any truth to this?