Ok, no pics, but here's what I got. Maybe I'll get ambitious and post pics one day.
-5'8" Kechele twin fin electro retro fish. I need to learn how to properly ride a twinnie. Still challenging for me. I think I need to just ride it in all conditions and see what happens.
-6'0" Firewire Dominator (Fav board for just about anything). Yeah, it's made in Thailand but who cares, it's a great board and indestructable.
-6'0" Roberts White Diamond (great board for almost any conditions, a little too big for me, bought it gently used)
-6'4" Ricky Carrol Rocket Fish for the good stuff
-6'8" WRV Round tail gun-like board, lots of foam. Rarely use it.
-9'4" log
I'm getting old. I need a bit more foam as I age. I'll never own another board less than 19" wide and 2-1/2 thick...LOL.