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    HA! that was almost a year (& 30+lbs) ago! they were sold, traded, or (in a few cases) ridden to death.
    in 2007, I was up to 6 boards lying around that, for whatever reason, I didn't ride much anymore...kept mostly because I didn't think anyone would buy them. Then I just said "screw it", listed them and they all sold in a few weeks. Since then, I've bought plenty of boards, but have been careful not to let them pile up (people aren't buying old beat up boards like they used to).

    Right now, I have 2 boards: a 6'4" Quite Flight "Atlas" for medium waves and a 5'8" Lost "Couch Potato" for small waves (all I got is my sh*tty cell phone cam right now...won't subject you to that)

    I should probably get something for larger waves, again, but, after discovering snowboarding in 2006, I've just been jamming up to the mtns after winter storms.
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