You guys make me feel bad about myself. I just moved to RI from Jersey - I need to surf! Well, I guess I am ok cuz my plates are RI plates now . . . My experience in RI including that rocky point place has been good so far, folks have been very nice when I say I just moved up, ask about the break, and ask if it's ok if I watch where they line up so I can get the read of the place. I'm not a kook, but not an expert, either I just want to surf more and get better.

at least people in RI will talk to you, in Jersey they look through you like you don't exist. And that is weird cuz the whole jersey coast for two hundred miles is just one jetty/beach break after another, miles and miles and miles of surf. Crummy as I may be most of the time.

I don't know any of your code names yet. But I try to be polite in the water. And if there is a clean up day at the beach I will help.