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I have 3 longboards, 2 hand shaped polys, and 1 epoxy popout. The handshapes are 1. Stewart Hydro Hull 9-0 2. Ricky Carrol 9-1. The popout is a 10-2 by Southpoint, I bought it about 10 years ago.

I enjoy all of these boards quite a bit, but my favorite is the popout. The board is durable as they come, never had so much as a ding repair or heal dent, does not yellow in the sun, and has a really nice feel to it. As far as how it rides, I am not sure I can say I prefer the feel of the popout or the polys.

Having more or less no preference as far as how the different boards ride, I am most likely inclined to go with a popout for my next longboard based on the quality and toughness a popout provides. Logs are expensive and easy to ding in transport, and in my opinion, logs should last a long long time, so the toughness factor wins out.

For short boards, I go local custom poly boards every time. I have yet to try a pop out short board.
the epoxy construction of the popout is probably why it's so durable. have you noticed any stiffness to it compared to the polys? epoxy is stronger and stiffer than poly