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Thread: surf tattoo

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    come see us at hot rod tattoo in Atlantic City NJ. We will hook you up. Check out our blog for tons of surf and ocean inspired tattoos and sleeves. follow us on instagram @hotrodtattoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    You get a dolphin, sitting in your favorite recliner, smoking a bong.

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    heres an idea for u.get the dolphin surfing on the couch,smoking a bong,with a big pot leaf behind,with some music notes coming off the top!!that would be sick and original..theres plenty of good surf tats out there,but be original.dont just steal some pic off google,and one day youll be on a surf trip in fiji and run into the guy with the exact same tattoo,and youll look foolish then.and one more peice of advice,never get a grim reaper tat on your arm,i literally know 10 different people who dont know each other,that have the exact same tat and it looks stupid

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    Check out some Jay Adler art. You might get an idea from that.

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    hey guys.. just got session one in today. guy drew this freehand based off the pics i showed him. obviously we're also trying to cover up that 10 year old tramp stamp which he said he wants to 'beat up slowly so its not going to end up as a big blob'. this took about 4+ hours.

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    whats up joenotoast? you already recycled all your mags? dude between the web and every freakin mag every time you turn around, you shouldn't have to describe any thing. find a pic and take it to your inkman(woman) can't get much more specific then that. and if you want something classic try old TSJ's , they're IT when it comes to photos like art