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    Kings of Neptune grow up. Putting down someone on a forum. Russ awesome board I don't care your skill level you obviously have passion for surfing, if you respect the waters and have passion for surfing then your all good in my book I'll surf with you anyday. Put downs just are not cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    i'm not sure why someone would want to go back to a single fin.
    b/c it's a different feeling & forces you to ride waves in a different manner. some people get bored riding the same thing all the time; i sure do. that's why i've got bonzers, quads, a single, & tris all in my quiver. not to mention that spending time on a proper single fin will do wonders for your surfing...smooth out your style, teach you how to use your rail, show you the true meaning of flow...things in which a lot of modern surfers could use a lesson.
    GoodVibes, what fin did you end up using in that thing? it's gorgeous, btw! not sure how i missed this thread the first go around...

    also, to the people whinging on about how so & so doesn't *really* surf or whatever b/c of a low wave count: one thing i've had the privilege of doing in this life is growing up surfing w/ my dad. the man's 66 & just as stoked as ever, but i've noticed that as he's gotten older, it takes less to get him there. fewer waves, sometimes even no waves. i remember one evening when i was about 17, he didn't paddle out at all; just sat on the beach & watched me till the sun set. it was funky & high tide, & he got more stoke out of watching me surf than dealing w/ poor conditions. hopefully we'll all be lucky enough to still be surfing into our 50's & 60's & beyond, & hopefully you'll remember this when you get there. no one would say my dad isn't a surfer...he's one of the pioneers of surfing here in south jersey & a lot of what we have wouldn't exist as we know it w/out him. his stoke comes from seeing the next generation carry the mantle onward. stoke is where you find it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kings of neptune View Post
    Russel's boards need motors at the tail.
    one time on a clean 2-3 ft high tide session I told him if he caught 2 waves with thatboard I would buy him a surfboard. well after about an hour with daylight fading he caught 1 wave that I would never have even called a ride.
    Russ is a great guy but can someone please tell him that a new board is not going to make you catch more waves. its about the surfers experience and conditioning. especially when you keep getting roughly the same type size thickness and volume. if you cant catch waves in all conditions on the most floatable easy paddling sturdy surfboard then why would you get one thats more high performance?
    I really would love to see him catch more waves.
    russel also doesnt like me anymore cause I point out things that are true, but sorry if some gets a total of 3 waves in like 5 different sessions, i;m not gonna say yeah you cant do any better than that.
    russ has a big heart for surfing, never seen someone so into it and who never gets waves
    Your first post? How cute little girl. Now run along....

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    My friends and I always talk chitt to each other.... There's something different about calling it out on an internet forum, though....

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    If you want to give tips constructive criticism to your friend that's completely fine but what you did was an attempt of humiliation on a public website.. I'm not saying your a terrible person or anything it could of just been a mistake. Life lesson don't put down your friends, you'll have more of them and will be happier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kings of neptune View Post
    thers this thing called delete which im sure will happen
    First of all we were never friends.We know each other.We surfed along side of each other a few times.The story is a little deeper then I just caught one wave that night.As this moron states it was dead high tide and almost to the exact day last year at this EXACT break during HIGH tide I broke 4 Ribs and punctiured air sacks in my lungs.He was their that day.This jerk didn't even go to hospital with me.At the time my wife was pregant with our son.I was in the hospital for over 2 days and the bill was over $30,000 which insurance did pick up.I was in the water 2 months later.We have 2 different jobs but I would see George about once a week and we would talk when we were going.Getting back to the last time we were out,it was dead high tide like he said and I wasn't going to take any chances which busted me up last time.This guy is just egging me on and riding me.It was now pretty much dark so we get out of the water and he knows im ticked off.I told him how I didn't like that break.(bad vibes)He calls me a baby.Now im really fired up and i kept on repeating Im a baby and then he walks back to the water or wherever he went.Thats the last time I saw him.So then This idiot sent me 2 pm's on this site and I never responded back to him.So thats pretty much the cat fight.George,just a sidenote for someone that surfs over a 100 times a year and can't go vertical,thats really sad man.So if you see this 43 year old guy driving a grey Mustang around Bradly or Belmar thats Good ole George.If you go to the recent upload of pictures for the East coast you got to check this guy out.George I would say you are more like the Queen of Neptune if you ask me.Peace out
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    Back to the topic at hand:

    Goodvibes, are you at least having more fun surfing that custom Mahady board? Regardless of your perceived surfing level?

    King Neptune, a piece of friendly advice: It's best not to judge other people. It all comes back to you.

    Shape Your Surfing Experience

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    I've had some great sessions on a single fin board, similar in style to the board posted here. And plenty of speed to make sections.
    Not sure what kings of kooks is going on about????

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    Quote Originally Posted by kings of neptune View Post
    stay out of the ocean sweet heart, its too dangerous for you.especially when its 2-3 ft on a sand break. yeah i dont go vertical as much as i like yet , but you cant even catch a wave or even pump on your board. you go out n a 3 ft day and say you surfed 5 ft just because the wave doubled onthe inside. you wanna keep this up LOL
    Grow the f up, king of kooks...43, really!!! from your post you sound like a 12 year old girl...besides, you shouldn't be judging people in the water anyway.

    Goodvibes, don't listen to this toolbox, keep going out and giving it your best and have fun, that's what it's all about anyway...not whether you can pump or go vertical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kings of neptune View Post
    green light ,your comment proves that you just judged me, cause if you have advice for someone that means you are judging them. you should follow your own advice.
    obviously, you know too much to take a bit of friendly advice.

    Remember, when you point a finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing back at yourself.

    "Judge not, before you judge yourself. Judge not, if your not ready for judgement" -Bob