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    Good case for Air Travel?

    Can anyone recommend a moderately priced surfboard case that is safe for airline travel? I am going to Puerto Rico and have been looking all over the internet, but am not 100% sure what is good or not.

    I plan on throwing a large portion of my luggage in the case as well, and the board I will be bringing will most likely be a 5'10 flyer, so it doesn't need to be huge.

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    I have a soma airbag. Thing is amazing, never had any trouble. Mine is white so it got dirty pretty fast, now you can get them in other colors / patterns. Mine was like $120 or so, the best part when you get to your destination you can use it as an air mattress or deflate it and throw it in your backpack. You get some funny looks riding around with it on the roof too...

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    That Soma airbag looks like the best travel bag ever made. I will have to get me one of those when they are back in stock. Great informative video too. Thanks for the info!!!

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    yeah, that soma bag looks awesome!

    How do you think it would fare traveling with a board with glassed fins? it looks tight, so I was wondering if you think (since you have one) if I padded the living hell out of the fins (with tennis balls, foam and towels) if it would still fit comfortably in the bag.

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    that all depends... my boards are all fcs or future but I don't think it would be a problem as long as you did do something like sliced thick insulation or tennis balls on the tips. last trip I took two boards (sans fins) duct taped together with a towel in between them in the single airbag and had no problems.
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    Had the original soma bag, took it on a bunch of trips after the 3rd I started to get some holes, it was still under warrenty so I tried to contact them about it but never heard back. The bad works great but you will def have to patch it up everyonce in a while. Maybe the newer version is better though.