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I know you think this probably doesnt help much right now but just go for it with wreckless abandon man.. As long as your not dropping in on others or putting other surfers in harms way by your flailing apendages, just go for it bro.. Paddle into every wave you can and throw your board and your body all over the place until you get a feel for it.. Its all about speed, take off fast, turn fast, pump fast, never get off the rail.. Just do it like you dont give a ****.. There it is:

Step 1: Surf like you jsut dont give a **** about falling or smacking your face on the board or looking like an idiot. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Its your style man, and you want it to be your own, not someone elses. Just go for it man, fall all over the damn place. Foot placement and all that other stuff will come with time.
This sounds more like it, haha, it's more fun when you just don't give a sh*t and go for it, can't agree more