I've surfed for about 4 years, but i don't get to that often, i'm still sort of a novice. I'm 5'10 165 pounds and i ride a 5'11\"x20 3/4\"x2 3/4\" fish. I've been surfing more often and trying to work on some carves but my board doesn't turn that well and it doesn't have much rocker either and its pretty hard to catch bigger waves. Ive been looking at shortboards i can use in small waves up to about chest high that are pretty skatey and make some tighter turns. I've talked to some shapers and so far i've got:<br /><br /> Surf Prescriptions NDR 6'0\"x19 3/4\"x 2 7/16\". <br /><br />Sharp Eye Disco 5'9\"x19 3/4\"x 2.35\" <br /><br />Solid Surf Co. Sasquash 5'9\"x19 1/2\"x 2 1/4\" <br /><br />Any help on which of these three might do best for me or any other high performance small wave shortboards out there would be appreciated. Much Thanks