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Thread: visiting mass

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    visiting mass

    Going to be in the Boston area for a week in September hoping to sneak away for some nortg east surf while I'm there. Any suggestions on a mellow spots that might be breaking around then? If no surf, I would like to visit some of the surf shops and towns, any ideas?

    Going to be staying around ipswitch once we are out of the city if that helps.

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    u need to go to hampton beach the best shop is cinamon rainbows

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    The Wall in North Hampton, NH is going to offer your most consistent beach break and works anytime other than high tide. Once it stops working there you can head up the road to Jenness Beach in Rye, NH for some high tide fun. As for point breaks, you're on your own.

    If you need to rent a board then yes Cinnamon Rainbows is going to have a wide selection. However, if you're looking for a core, year round shop with staff who'll just talk surf for hours with you then head to Pioneers Board Shop on Rt 1.

    September has the potential to be the best month out of the year here. It could be knee or head high depending on what the tropics decide to serve up. The water temps should be in the mid 60s unless a huge storm comes through and upwells the cold water. Most people are good in a standard 3/2.

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    I have found some of the best spots when traveling simply by looking on Bing Maps (or google earth). You can usually see where the waves will break best- points and reefs ect. Most ppl will not blow up their spots here on the web. also

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    South Shore, MA

    south shore too!

    I can't say anything about surfing north of Boston, but it's also worth considering a trip south to Scituate, MA, especially if there's swell out of the east (south swell definitely go north to avoid the Cape Cod swell blockage). We have all sorts of point breaks and a couple beach breaks for all tides. The guys at Noreaster Surf Shop can point you in the right direction.

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    north wellfleet and truro in cape cod, sickday surf shop is da best. some far out sandbars on decent swells. long workable rides. watch for sharks no joke tho