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Thread: visiting mass

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMac View Post
    South of Boston is Nantasket Beach in Hull. Definitely not a secret, but you need to check a surf report because it's not always breaking. Luminate Surf Shop just opened a store there.
    Deff worth a look at Nantasket if there are waves at all. Its a fun beach with enough room to spread out, and no one will hassle you here, its no secret spot. Luminate is awesome they have another shop in Marshfield, MA and the owner is an awesome dude, super friendly.

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    Hey man, I lived up there in Beverly MA for a short time and I'll tell you it's a good area to be in when there's anything of significance going on in the atlantic. Check out some google earth.. there are so many little nooks and crannies in that coast line north of boston. I'm not gonna blow up any spots on here of course, but if there's swell, you'll have great times searching around... it's the kind of place where you feel like you could discover some mystic reef or point around some corner in the most unexpected places.

    When I lived there I mostly saw places that looked like they had tons of potential, but would take very specific conditions to turn on.. lots of spots are very tide dependent also.. but if you're there and you get lucky you might score some pretty amazing surf at spots that don't resemble anywhere else on the east coast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldenglish View Post
    Going to be in the Boston area for a week in September hoping to sneak away for some nortg east surf while I'm there. Any suggestions on a mellow spots that might be breaking around then? If no surf, I would like to visit some of the surf shops and towns, any ideas?

    Going to be staying around ipswitch once we are out of the city if that helps.
    I'm downtown boston, hit me up..

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    make the trip to outer cape cod, wellfleet and truro and a sight and have deep sandbars

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    There's no waves on the cape