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    Quicksilver Syncro Vest,WRV Nugget, Santa Cruz Archbold

    Hey guys, I have three pieces of gear up for sale. I'm located in Virginia Beach. Phone number is 757 717 4320. Email is<br />-All prices can be negotiated<br /><br /><br />1) Quiksilver Syncro Vest. Size large. 1.5 mil. I bought this 3 weeks ago from Costal Edge and wore it in Panama 4 times. Just too big for me. It would fit someone better who weighs around 170lbs. $30<br /><br />2) WRV Nugget. 5'7\" x 19 1/4\" x 2 5/16\" <br />Shaped by Jesse Fernandez. Can be ridden as a thruster or quad setup. Includes three FCS M3 fins and 2 FCS M5 fins. Crack near the stringer that has been professionally repaired. Rides great in the knee to stomach mush. $150<br /><br />3) Santa Cruz Matt Archbold Tuflite Thruster. 5'11\" x 2.18\" x 18.25\". Includes Future F 450s. Rides great in stomach to overhead waves as long as the wind isn't blowing too hard. $225<br /><br />Photo 2.jpgPhoto 3.jpgPhoto 4.jpgPhoto 5.jpgPhoto 6.jpg

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    would you be willing to ship the wrv up to NY?

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    I am first going to try selling it locally. Message me back in a week or so and if its not sold by then we can work something out. You (any buyer) will probably want to be able to look at it in person before buying it to make sure you like it.