Just wanted to pass on some of the SUPER Stoke I experienced this weekend (Sunday 2/3/08) on my new C4 Waterman 10’6”.

Shoulder high glass, light off shore winds and one of the best sessions I have had in years.

As some of you may know I started SUP surfing on a 12’ epoxy board from another manufacturer (see the 12' SUP I had for sale on the C4 Forums). The day I sold that barge and paddled out on the C4 Waterman changed my surfing experience forever.

The C4 10’6” is FAST, Responsive and handles like a short board thruster. This weekend I was pulling HUGE laybacks, floaters, rail gouges…the works! (Pictures and Video soon to come)

I actually think the C4 10’6” may perform better than my 9ft competition high performance long boards.

I was reading the latest issue of Longboard Magazine (see Vol. 15, #7, Issue #97; Article: "Hoe+He'e+Nalu=SUP") over the weekend as well and found the discussion in regards to SUP board design very interesting.

So many shapers are trying to get into the SUP market right now and they all are still trying to figure it out. I have tried a lot of SUP boards available today in many different conditions…the shaping community has A LOT to learn still about SUP’s. The performance of the C4 Waterman 10’6” proves that Brian Keaulana and Dave Parmenter have been doing this way longer (and BETTER) than anyone else.

To anyone (and everyone) looking to start SUPing or looking to take their SUP surfing to the next level; don’t walk…RUN and get yourself a C4 Waterman SUP board.

These guys have really got this stuff dialed in!

And to C4 Waterman; Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating equipment that has brought SO MUCH to my current surfing experience.

All the best to the C4 Waterman crew and keep leading the surfing world into the future of Stand Up Paddle Surfing.


Chip Bock
Melbourne Beach, FL
(next to Sebastian Inlet)
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