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Thread: Swell Table

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    Swell Table

    Can someone please explain the swell table to me a little better. I kind of understand the red blue green thing but the whole purple, light blue, yellow thing is throwing me off a little bit.

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    The Swell Table breaks down then entire wave spectrum into the 6 most significant swell categories.

    On the Surf Timeline, if you hover over the graph, it will show the primary and secondary swells. If you want to go deeper, you can click on the swell timeline to see the swell categories (up to 6). The swell table is text table of the swell timeline. The colors in the swell table match the swell timeline. The colors are used only to distinguish among the 6 swell categories, and have no other meaning. Hope that helps. The Tutorial/FAQ section coming soon (latest by 2020 - I promise).