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    You Know It's Really Bad Nightmare Flat ...

    ...when swellinfo doesn't even bother 'predicting' "chest high & green" on the 5 day out f'u'cast....

    ...when your buddies stop emailing you to talk about surfing...

    ...when you stop checking surfline, magic seaweed & every other forecast...

    ...when you feel cranky just getting up in the morning...

    ...when you look at the f'u'cast for Central America & turn around to take a swing at the wife...

    ...when you start wondering when is a good time to switch to cool water August....

    ...when you buy gear online that you already own in the hope that maybe this will bring waves...

    ...when you find yourself staring at your boards, wondering how the hell you got so many of them because they sit just sit there gathering dust...

    (pile on, fellas)

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    when you take a hammer to the rail, just because you need another ding to fix...

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    when you post a thread like this for entertainment... =P

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    When you finally make a handle on Swellinfo after a year of lurking the forums.

    And I thought that it was funny that you mentioned worrying about cold weather wax, because just today on my drive home from upstate NY, I was wondering if I should make sure my wetsuit is smell free for the next swell that comes in. And I wear boardshorts through the end of september.

    While I am learning surfing, I am an alright bodyboarder as I did it since I was a kid. Usually I go to the water atleast a few times a week because on the bodyboard I can still have fun in 2.5 foot slop. I haven't been out in the water in 2 weeks now

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    When you head to lake Erie to visit family and think the knee high slop on the lake looks fun.

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    Along the same lines as staring at your dusty quiver...

    ...when you start having existential thoughts, like... "Am I a surfer? I don't surf, so how can I be a surfer. What is a surfer? I like surfing, but I don't surf..."

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    It's bad because I'm staring to run out of Jack Daniels, ammunition, and paper targets.

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    WB Surf Report:

    Killing some good size class Spanish Macks in about 40' of water at dawn and dusk. Most are 3+ pounders. Clark Spoons in 0 and 00 green, pink and silver flash behind 1 oz trolling weights or number 1 planers. Bluewater Candy Spanish Mack squids doing great on the surface. Make sure you keep a dink ballyhoo behind a Bluewater Candy skirt on your shotgun long--the Kings are starting to move close to shore.

    Flounder fishing is the best at the nearshore ledges, AR's and live bottom. I prefer Spro or Bluewater Candy bucktails in 1-3 oz depending on current tipped with Gulp 4" and 3" shrimp and 4+" jerk shads. Night time gigging in the flats and marsh creeks is producing a good number of flatties too.

    Big Bulls and Black Tips right off the beach: Find a shrimp boat and drift while soaking mullet heads on Owner 10/0-12/0 circle hooks. Make sure you use at least 200lb piano wire leader and have a good team release plan when you catch the shark. A 300lb Bull will pull your arm out of the socket, make sure you leader it in like you would a Marlin.

    This low wave action and forecast NE wind for a couple days will get the water really clear nearshore and hopefully inshore. Spearfishing by this weekend could be all-time with 15+ feet viz right on shore to 30+ feet in the blue water.

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    When you stop lying about surfing and start lying about fishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbird View Post
    when you stop lying about surfing and start lying about fishing

    (edit: apparently the forum will not let you write in all caps)
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